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Exorcism Number One: Darick Sater

First of all...Hello. This is a blog that will consist solely of interviews. I thought about how lucky I am to know such talented people and then I realized I would like to know  them even better. (This is mostly because I am very nosy.) 

This first one is with Darick Sater. He is one of the founders of Wallride Records and plays in Deep Sleep, Whiff, The Jons, Paper Dragons, and Active Sac. Darick's drumming is a source of both inspiration and intense anxiety for me. He makes it seem both effortless and energetic at the same time. Easy, but never lazy. And incredibly precise. And loud. And really good.  Plus he is super positive and always stoked.  

Anyway I asked him about drumming and growing up. HERE...

When did you start playing drums and what was the process like? Did you teach yourself or have lessons or both? Do you play any other instruments?

I started playing drums when I was 18. I was in a few bands when I was younger, and sang, and played guitar. I was really pushing for a new band in my later teens, and it was next to impossible to find a drummer. I figured I would give it a shot. Learning was almost as hard as asking my parents to split the cost of my first Percussion Plus kit. I'm sure they didn't want the racket. 

I listened to a lot of Ramones, Descendents, and Black Flag to track down the sound and style I wanted to rip off, just to have fun. I didn't think I would stick with it. 
Aside from drums, I play guitar, bass, piano (terribly), and Alto Sax. I guess if they can count, maracas can be thrown into the mix. Side note: I'm sure I blow at the Sax now too. Get it? ....tough crowd.

What drew you to music in general and who are some of your drum heroes? What bands inspired you as a kid? What bands inspire you now?
Music was always so cool when I was really young. Watching my cat claw the shit out of my Mom's record collection got me pretty curious. What's this cat see in these things? So that started my music Mom's records and just the chance to block out stuff that sucked. I could listen to a song, and be so happy. My first big smiles came from the radio, riding in cars with my parents. Beatles, Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Animals, Rolling Stones etc. My sister dated a guy, who got her, which later got me into Dead Milkmen, Ministry, Fugazi, Flaming Lips, and so much more. Me and my buddy Joe used to dub Music videos on MTV and VH1 and would stay up super late hoping they would play the "rare shit" in the middle of the night. So this is where we snagged Descendents "When I get Old" and Rocket from the Crypts "On a Rope" videos. Those are my favorites to this day. Inspiration will always be Bill Stevenson. That beast keeps going fuckin' STRONG!
What is your dream drum kit?
I never really had a dream kit, but it would be really cool to have everything be way bigger than the kit now. Just a giant, dumb bass drum I can eat behind.
What was the first band you were ever in?
I guess the official first would be the Redcoats. I don't remember what grade, but I was the drummer, but didn't have a drum set.  Never played one. Never really wanted to. My buddy told me I was the drummer. So we never practiced, but we had meetings, hang out sessions, and a cool sticker, so there, hahaha. My first band that played and wrote songs etc, would be Pigeonhole. I was 15. I sang. 
What was your favorite tour you ever went on?
They were all so much fun. Super hard to pick, but Deep Sleep's trip to Europe was pretty killer. Any old Active Sac road trips were always super fun. We would drive to Colorado, Toronto, Miami for one show....I don't know what we were on. 

A weekend where I filled in with Night Birds stays in my mind...I don't think we stopped laughing for the whole weekend. Really fun, and really cool cats. 
What motivates you to keep playing?
I don't know how to not do it. I have other hobbies, and I have considered slowing down or stopping so many times. I don't really know. It's impossible to go a week without sitting behind the kit. Rad friends that are in rad bands for sure.

Where did you grow up? where else have you lived?
I was born in Baltimore, raised in Hampstead, Maryland. I have lived in York, Pennsylvania, Santa Cruz, CA, and Westminster, MD. I am back in Hampstead, at the good ol' Wallride Records estate. 
What are/were your parents like?
My parents rule. They could, and can be tough but that's what parents are for. Really hard working, creative, and driven. I think their work ethic pretty much molded me, and inspires me, even though they annoy the shit out of me.
Do you feel like your childhood had any effect on whether or not you play music? Do you remember any instances as a kid/teenager where you knew you wanted to be in bands and not just be a spectator?
Watching the music videos, I used to dub off TV, most of the videos would be live show footage and that always looked to fun. I remember thinking "that show must have ruled". I began to wanna be in the band, way more than in the crowd. It became a mission to play an instrument, write music, and put out a record....I feel accomplished, but always craving more projects and good times. 

Do you have any real-life ghost stories? (As in, paranormal shit that happened to you, personally.)
Not so much really. I have been known to fart in my sleep, which I'm sure is pretty scary for everyone else. Especially when I blame it on the ghosts in my room. Or my dog. 

Thanks so much Darick. 

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